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Kenneth Moore

Kenneth is the director of project management and SEO marketing at White Crown Ventures. He additionally contributes by being one of the main columnists under the categories of economics, personal finance, and investing- he also edits all other articles.


Kenneth has previously conducted economic research regarding U.S. Fiscal Policy that was included in a magazine issue, and has compiled financial budgets for online merchants. Additionally, at the Leeds School of Business, Kenneth has conducted macroeconomic research in the Bloomberg Labs through the use of the Bloomberg Terminals. Kenneth also co-founded and actively operates AKEM Ventures LLC.


Kenneth is currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Colorado Denver. He has completed a Market Concepts certification from Bloomberg.

Dylan Lucko

Dylan is a managing partner at White Crown Ventures. Dylan focuses on analysing and synthesizing economic data to unveil trends in financial markets, primarily writing about economic and financial news. Dylan handles the finances for the firm, including revenue, expenses, equity, and accounting.


Dylan is currently an acting financial analyst at ConversionFly where he creates detailed analyses of financial statements and expenses to better gauge the flow of capital to formulate projections for the company. Prior to this, Dylan worked for Seven Wealth Capital where he managed the firm’s risk assessment software and used client data to generate risk tolerance. He has experience analysing portfolio performance and creating reports for clients, as well as researching and analysing economic trends and decisions. Dylan is Bloomberg certified with Bloomberg Market Concepts and uses the Bloomberg Terminal for much of the economic research.


Dylan is currently pursuing a B.S. in Economics and a B.S in Mathematics at the George Washington University while minoring in Journalism. Dylan’s studies focus on financial economics and corporate finance. After graduation, Dylan plans to continue his passion for finance by working in private equity.

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